Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lettiing Go: Part III

Received my third message from Euro-Son.  I tried emailing him "Where are you?" via Facebook.  It worked!   Social networking is for Gen Ys.  Should have known.  I'm all over this now.  Here's his latest:
Hey mom we are in zermatt swissland and its awesome. its where the matterhorn is. we climbed up a mountain 2800 meters today and it was breathtaking...its kinda expensive but nothing to bad. i would love to go to where nona is that would be great but ryan and i have no idea what town it is. im trying to get the details right now soo well see...but yea thatd be sweet cuz we need somwhere to go thats relativly inexpensive where we wouldnt have to spend alot of mooney. but yea everything is going well we met these cool spanish kids who we hiked with today and we are staying at a campground. octoberfest was crazy we met lots of ausies who we partyied with for a few nights, they party wayyy hard...kinda hard to keep up, but we still managed, haha. how is everything at doing ok and the animals, and obviously you. hope so let me know. i love you guys very much and will try to take care of myself and you do the same.

Euro Son & a close friend Feb 2009

It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

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Tanna said...

LOL! He's having a blast!

Mike said...

I wish that I was with him! LOL!

Marguerite said...

You are so blessed to have such a sweet son. Bet his friend can't wait till he's back. Happy Autumn!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like his travels are going well, and a bit of fun along the way. the mountain climbing sounds amazing.

Nancy said...

Oh yeah!

Coffee Messiah said...

Just caught these and must say, he will come back a different person in so many ways.

I'll wonder if he'll long for most things european after this.

I remember the people and food and lifestyle being something I wished I had been born into. Seemed more me than the way we live here, although I did not party at all ; )

Baino said...

OH dear, he met Aussies at Oktoberfest . .and survived? Then he's safe to travel Siberia. I dub your son an honorary Australian. Sounds like he's having a ball and he's keeping in touch . .Cali, it's only six weeks. Mine was gone for 11 months South America, US, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece Dubai . . and some . . and she lived to tell the tale! Hugs coz I know how it feels. (Just make sure he has a condom in his pocket!) He's a handsome lad.

Unknown said...


California Girl said...

Tanna: he is. his messages say it all.

Otin: i wish I were with him too altho' he'd chafe.

Marguerite: thank you. he's always been sweet, if a wild child. the girl is a close friend, never a love interest (on her part--not his!)

Brian: the mtn climb does sound incredible. he loves climbing. I guess it's from living in themtns, eh?

Nancy: ditto.

CM: one of the things I adapted in Europe was drinking my coffee w/ canned milk, i.e. evaporated milk. I still do. Learned to love it. I don't use sugar but over there I remember using raw sugar which is popular here now but in those days, the '70's, hard to find.

Baino: I was hoping you'd see this post about the Aussies. Too funny! I remember meeting more Australians during my 3 month backpack of western Europe than any other nationality. I kept asking why there were so many on the road for so long and the answer was usually "Because we're so far away and when we travel out of our country, we make it last." or words to that effect. Made sense then and now!

Susan: me too.

Betsy Brock said...

My son went to Italy a year ago. He had a wonderful time! The mother in me thought about him constantly...and it's so great when they finally get in touch, isn't it? What a handsome guy he is, too! :)

Mike said...

Thank you for your compliments! I try to be different!

California Girl said...

Bets: how old was your son and how long did he visit? thanks for the compliment on mine. he is a cute guy.

Otin: you're welcome! LOVE the way you approach things altho' your space bugs are creepy. I guess you can tell I'm a warm & fuzzy type unless it's about politics1!