Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Odd Moments

If you follow the weather nationally, you are aware of record snowfall in the Northeast. We are having the snowiest winter in, maybe, thirty years. While I love the beauty of snow frosting the trees and land as I drive through our mountain town, it does wreak havoc on the roads. Last night I drove home from work in one of the worst wind storms and cold spells I've experienced. It was blowing at least 40 mph and the wind chill was sub zero; just miserable. I started up my driveway which by 5pm was somewhat blocked by drifting snow. I thought I could power through it in my all-wheel-drive Subaru but I went into a fishtail and was stuck in a snowbank on the passenger side, rear wheel spinning uselessly. My husband and I spent over 40 minutes trying to dig out the car. He did the hard work and, boy, was he happy with me. It was during those freezing minutes when I thought, among other things, how awful it would be to die stranded in the mountains during the winter. I realized how handy our sons would be if they were still around to help. They could have done the all the work! They could have frozen their asses off and yelled at each other while trying to dislodge the car while we waited warm and cozy in the house. Of course, if they were still here, it probably would have taken most of what was left of the daylight just to get them outside. By then, it would have been dark and they'd have found a reason to leave the car stranded with the possibility of our neighbor coming home and running into it accidentally because he couldn't see the black car in the black night. Yes, we miss them. But, we know exactly what it is we are missing.

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