Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammys

I watched the Grammys last night. Well, I sort of watched them. I mean, I was alternately attracted and repelled by this pseudo historical soap opera about the love affair between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. It was a marathon blending of fact and who knows what kind of romantic nonsense that kept me watching to see what would happen next. Every time it became unbearable, I'd switch to the Grammys, another marathon program requiring stamina and a strong stomach. Actually, I think the Grammys are the least annoying of all awards shows. The entertainment's usually pretty good and it's all about the music, man. Now that we've invested in a large screen HDTV, I can have 2 channels going at once. When the country music or the rap would get to me, I'd switch over to Sally & Tom. I was intrigued to see Keely Smith, a performer I remember from early tv. Who could forget her style, her bangs, that voice or the unmistakable rasp of Louis Prima? No idea she was still alive. And very impressed at how she's kept her voice. Kid Rock was an interesting duet partner. I think he was drunk or loaded. But, no matter; Ms. Smith seemed to be having a wonderful time. Tina Turner and Beyonce were another cool duet. During "Proud Mary", I noticed Beyonce doing all the rough stuff and Tina taking it nice and easy. But, gee, I should move and look so good at her age. I don't look or move that well now!

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