Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Soon for Peak Foliage

After what felt like an endless summer, the warmest temps on record, according to Science Daily, New England is very much into Fall.  In fact, northern New Hampshire is peaking now which, seems much too early.  

Our first trip to New Hampshire was Fall 1986.  We took a ten day trip from Virginia, leaving on 9/25 and returning 10/4.  I remember because it took me several years in a row to book this driving trip through the places we wanted to see and stay.  It must have been a record year for foliage as we were bedazzled by every place we visited.  So bedazzled and happy and relaxed, we conceived our first child while in the New Hampshire portion of the trip.  No wonder I remember it so well! 

I have so many photos and they are all about the leaves.  Locals call Fall visitors "leaf peepers".  They represent the best and worst of the tourists; the best because they spend alot of money, the worst because they always drive SLOOOOWWWW.

Here's a sample of early local color to which we look forward all year.

Autumn on the Saco River
by Cole Scott



Roy said...

The foliage was two and three weeks early this Spring (it played hob with spotting the Spring Warbler migration!), so it makes sense that the Fall colors are early as well. I've noticed that here, as well; I spotted a bright red Maple on the way to work this morning!

Marguerite said...

Gorgeous photo! Looks beautiful! I used to love the colors, in Maryland. A few varieties of trees turn here, but not until November. Enjoy!

Brian Miller said...

wow..that looks like a painting...magnificent... said...

That's lovely!

California Girl said...

Roy, and you're much farther south than I so it is super early for you.

Marguerite, you have all that bayou boogie to make up for it.

Brian, almost as lovely as your poetry.

Robyn, thank you mucho.