Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good bye for Now

Son #1 jumping the wake & doing a "grab"

Our eldest son left last night to go out West to the college town where he lives.  My husband and I drove him to the airport.  We had packed early yesterday morning, the end of our vacation on the lake.  The end of vacation and our son's leaving made it a doubly difficult day.  To spend a carefree time with the people you most love in the world, well, there's nothing to replace it. 

As a family, we discussed all that and how lucky we are to have our health, to have a ski boat, to be able to rent a lake cottage, to bring our family together.  We had wonderful weather, only one day of rain, and we took that day to go to the movies together and see "Inception" on the big screen.  I don't recommend it.  "Matrix" is better.  But I digress.

While there is much bickering amongst the four of us, there is much camaraderie as well.  I had a talk with son #1 and he reminded me he's been out of the house five years now.  He was 18 when he left for college and he hasn't moved back.  I'm proud of him.  I'm also proud he tries very hard not to rely on us for money when he's low. He's making his way as a man now and he reminded me to treat him as such.  Hard task when Mamma has her boys together and falls back into the old patterns.  I can't deny it. 

  Son #2  doing a 360  on a wakeboard

#2 son leaves in a month for a beach city in Florida.  We'll miss him very much.  However a peaceful time is coming for us, sans children.  We are ready for the separation.  He is too and I think he'll be most happy by the sea. 



Tanna said...

First, let me say the shots of the boys skiing are w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.

And, next, I know you are so proud of your sons. There truly is nothing like spending time with those you love... good fortune indeed.

The empty nest... like so many things... it has it good points... and its bad. Sending a big hug for a day of saying goodbye. Take good care of yourself this week.

DJan said...

Great pictures! And it's wonderful that you were able to be together for awhile. I'm getting ready for a family reunion time starting tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it, if not the travel. I'll be glad to be home, and I haven't even left yet!

Brian Miller said...

wow. those are marvelous is good and bad to see them go...thankful for the peace, but know you will miss them...put my youngest ont eh bus for the first time today...:(

monk said...

aahhheemm (clearing throat) I just have to say....good looking boys :D

I'm not there yet, my son is 7, so I don't know what it feels like to let go of your babies so all I have is ~hugs~ ....another chapter in your life is here

Ruth said...

Yes, Cole's photos are TRE MEN DOUS. I hope they'll go on someone's wall somewhere. The coolest ever. I can see his toes in that foot holder!

I was pretty ready for the sans children bit, even though I missed our kids terribly when they moved out. Son is back for a while, who knows how long. He's almost 28, but he's in the music business, and after a couple years on cruise ships, he needs the next thing to kick in. He has lots of irons in the fire, what more can we ask?

So, are you a Virgo? :)

Baino said...

there really does come a time when it's nice to let them go. Haven't quite got there yet but I'm ready now, wasn't two years ago but I can see a life without them constantly at home. Gorgeous action shots. Great way to spend time together. said...

Those are amazing pictures of your amazing sons.