Monday, May 17, 2010

BP, the Oil Spill and Who is Really to Blame

CBS' "60 Minutes" did an interview with one of the last people on the platform to live. It aired last night. If you want to read about it, go here.  If you didn't see it, you should. This is compelling and heartbreaking and infuriating. Part I:

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Part II: Mike Williams describes his escape from the explosive platform on which he worked for 7 years;  his grief etched on his face.

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Robert Reich has been blogging about BP vs the U.S. government, the taxpayers and who is really going to pay.  He stresses the need to change the laws now before BP gets away without paying their full share. Here's his take.

None of this will make you feel better. We, the people are the only ones who can demand and deliver results from our government & elected officials. It's up to us.


Brian Miller said...

yes, it is our voices that will determine where this goes from here...its terrible and heartbreaking..

Tanna said...

Distressing and heartbreaking. Why do I not feel hopeful of there being a decent outcome from this? So sad for so many.

Ruth said...

Sadly, I couldn't get the videos to load. Maybe it's my air card at home. I can try it again at work.

Yes, it is we who can change things. We need knowledge, and courage, and will.

California Girl said...

Brian: we have to insist our public officials hold these companies accountable. I almost fell over when I read, in Reich's blog, the oil companies have a $75 MILLION (not BILLION)liability cap. That is a joke. You know that is the work of their lobbyists.

Tanna: at this point, there is nothing to feel positive about. I think everyone is holding their breath but nobody really believes this will do anything other than damage our already fragile ocean and shore ecosystems.

Ruth: not sure if you meant you couldn't play the videos off my blog or in general. They are available at and I have links to the correct page embedded in the blog post.

Marguerite said...

I did watch the interview on 60 minutes and I'm so glad that you posted it, for it will raise the awareness level. It was bad enough losing a camp during Hurricane Rita, a condo in Galveston, during Ike, and watching family members and many of the friends that I grew up with, lose everything they owned, some twice, for Rita and/or Ike. Now this! You're right about WE are the ones who have to demand change and accountability. It's time for the "big money" to pay up and for the government to stop looking the other way. Great post!

Unknown said...

BP already seems to be backpedaling off their initial statement of complete culpability. We'll end up paying for more ways than monetarialy. I don't really have hope that they will ever be able to cap it. You're didn't make me feel any better.