Sunday, October 11, 2009

Letting Go Part IV: Next Stop, Barcelona

Blue Door - Spain Series by Carson Pritchard
Our son is headed for Barcelona.  He's been in London over a week and his money is running out.  His travel buddy met a girl there and fell madly in love.  Our son called yesterday to ask what to do.  We told him to discuss it and tell his bud he wants to leave.  If his friend wants to stay, they need to agree to disagree and go their separate ways.  No sense having hard feelings over circumstances. 

We received a quick email today.  He's booked a flight to Barcelona and leaves Wednesday, friend in tow. 

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Brian Miller said...

nice. great to hear he is ok. so whats he going to be doing for money?

Nancy said...

Glad the friend made the right decision. They came together and should stay together, don't you think?

will said...

From experience I speak. Get some distance. A young person's soap opera can be tricky and dangerous to your own mental health. In a certain fashion all of messages, emails, phone calls, etc. is a type of training wheels. Despite the connection, enabling via conversation & advice has it's own downside.

Kate Hanley said...

Great advice for your son. I hope he enjoys Barcelona, I've never been to spain (kinda like the music) but we hope to get there next year.

California Girl said...

Brian: what do you think?

Nancy: our thoughts were if he made the decision to go on with or without, his friend would choose to go. But ya never know when it comes to lust...I mean love!

Bill: I'm trying! This was the first phone call of the trip. I was surprized to hear from him but my husband thinks he (our son) just wanted to know we are there for him.

Kate: I am pleased he is continuing on. He has been to Barcelona, several yrs ago w/ his high school class. I think he'll feel quite comfortable returning. The grandmother of one of his best friends lives in the mtns of Switzerland and I think he'll visit her as well. She's just returned from a trip here.

Baino said...

Ah holiday romances, they can make or break your travel plans. He'll love Barcelona, it's crazy and fun . . .tell him to go to a soccer game at Camp Nou . . I believe the atmosphere is electric no matter who's playing.

Mike said...

I can tell that this is just killing you! Hang in there, everything will be fine!

Tanna said...

And, your heart will be traveling to Barcelona as well... =)

Minka said...

I'm glad to hear of their adventure... can almost hear Mecury in the background: Barceloooona! :D

California Girl said...

Baino: I will pass on your recommendation. He'll fit right in!

Otin: I was indeed very nervous when he set off because he is not a "planner". He's now been gone 4 wks.
The only thing killing me now is he keeps running out of money!

Tanna: My heart is always with my kids even when my brain is yelling at them!

Minka: I loved Barcelona and I saw it in 1971 and it was kind of a dirty port. But the food was great, the people wonderful and it was fun. I love Latinos and speak enough Espanol to get by. I would adore seeing it now with the Olympic buildings and changes.

Minka said...

I have something for you in my latest post. Hope you come by and get it!