Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greeting Cards or Email?

I have been working on my holiday greeting with photo attachments for three weeks. It began as a Christmas letter. Missed that deadline. Then a New Year's letter. I finally realized I did not know how to create a pdf and became frustrated trying to find the most flattering photos of family members so I zipped through the final stages, edited twice and attached eight photos. I sent it to over 60 people. I normally send at least 80 Christmas cards every year but I have more physical addresses than email addresses. One of my friends always sends a cute pdf greeting and donates the money to charity he would have spent on cards & postage. It's amazing to think postage is more expensive than the cards. I've been sending Christmas cards since I was a little girl. My mother always sent them and she was not a letter writer! Her card was it for the year. I was an inveterate letter writer & card sender; cards for Valentine's & Christmas, letters the rest of the year. I bet I've only missed three times in the past 45+ years. Seriously. It's a wonderful way to let people know you still think of them. So few of us write letters any longer. Christmas cards often contain personal notes, photos, sometimes even lengthy missives. I love receiving them and am grateful for the thoughtfulness of my friends and family.

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Nancy said...

My husband, who is the much wittier writer, does our Christmas letter and cards. I agree with you, I love receiving them especially when it comes with a letter. I am not, however, good at getting them out, especially on time. Thus, it has been passed on to him. It works well.