Monday, March 10, 2008

Playing With Dolls

If you go to my husband's flickr site listed on this blog, you will see several photographs of my Madame Alexander dolls in rather unsettling poses. He has one of the dolls sitting on a window ledge with the head of the other doll in her lap. Her head has come loose from its decomposed rubber anchor.
I recently unpacked my 50 year old dolls from a shipment of boxes my brother sent. I haven't seen them since I put them in storage when my parents retired to their final home in 1979.

My father passed away last summer and my brother and his wife were readying the folks' place for rental. They sent me everything they thought I could auction off on Ebay. My dolls were a small part of the 22 box shipment they sent but arguably, the best part. I had no idea I would feel such affection when I opened the trunks of clothes and saw my beautiful dolls for the first time in so many years.
My husband was fascinated too. He found new fodder for his photography and next thing you know, shades of "Chucky", my dolls are doing things I never dreamed of. Can't say I am crazy about for his composition but I do love the subject matter.

Women never stop being little girls and men never stop being boys.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

i never saw chuckie, but the images are iconic and you are spot on in your analogy!! yikes!!

did you ebay off the treasures? reading between the lines, I expect you kept the dolls!

California Girl said...

I did not. I want to have them repaired now. There is a doll hospital about 75 miles from here so it will probably be a while before I take them. I just can't give them up. I may do the Barbies on ebay, however. I have original clothes in the original Barbie closet trunk and one of the early Barbies. The dolls are in good condition but the clothes look really grand.

Thanks for the photo compliment to my husband! I am very proud of him. I know you know what I'm saying as you are a photographer too.