Sunday, February 10, 2008

Party Favors

Went to a party last night. My girlfriend and her husband decided to get to know the parents of her almost 16 year old daughter's new boyfriend. It was a mixture of adults and kids with the teenagers and younger kids in the basement rec room and the adults in the kitchen. Parties nowadays are always in the kitchen. Of course, she has a nice kitchen. I made the mistake of remarking to her sister that my boys were finally out of the house.

Her eyes flew open. "Are you having Empty Nest Syndrome?" she asked.

"No." I answered somewhat surprised. "I love it."

She wasn't buying that. She launched into how she's dreading the day her son leaves; how close they are; how he is there for her and vv. I think I said something like "Kinda you and he against the world, right?" I'm thinking Helen Reddy and she's looking at me as tho' I've just come up with a great quote! btw, she's about 20 years younger than I so Helen Reddy has no significance to her whatsoever.

I was struggling for an exit when I asked, "How old is he anyway?"

"He's nine."

"Oh hell," I said. "By the time he leaves, you'll be so sick of him you'll be ready for him to go! That's why God made teenagers."

Wrong response. I was stuck there another five minutes. She was on a tear.

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