Saturday, October 8, 2011

New England Fall Photography

I'm posting photos my husband has taken Falls past.  I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow morning to spend four days with five girlfriends with whom I grew up.  We're celebrating our mutual 60th birthdays in The Big Easy.   

Side Tracked 

Backwater Pond

Bretton Woods

Autumnal Pond




Brian Miller said...

these are beautiful pics...i love nature esp this time of year with all the color...happy mutual birthday as well!!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

beautiful photos...we are just starting to see our leaves turn - but oh, the autumn light is blowing me away!

how fun to go to new orleans for the celebration of your peeps hitting the big 6-0! i like the idea of a giant group girlfriend birthday!

have a great birthday celebration.... one of my close cleveland friends in is the big easy this week also- she left today - down for a conference but factoring in some fun too as she's bringing her husband along for the ride!

Marguerite said...

Fabulous photos and beautiful views! It's still summer here, so get ready to have a blast in N'awlins! Be sure and have a Hurricane for me. Bon voyage and Happy Birthday to all!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.G...
First Of all, Happy Birthday! to you and your husband respectively...
...Secondly, The photographs that your husband has taken are all very beautiful.
I must say that all Of his photographs can easily be mistaken for paintings.[Especially, the 1st and last photographs.]
Thanks, for sharing and I hope that you have fun in "The Big Easy"
deedee ;-D

Grandmother Mary said...

Thank you for posting these amazing photos of fall. They're just gorgeous. And have a great time in New Orleans with your friends. Happy Birthday! The 60's have been fabulous so far so enjoy.

DawnTreader said...

These are exquisite. Wonderful colours.

mermaid gallery said...

congrats!....60 is the biggest party ever...just go easy on the ...big easy...have fun!...great pics!

Betsy Brock said... trip! Happy Birthdays to all of you! 60? No way!!

Gorgeous photos..don't you just love fall?

Baino said...

Lovely, we have to travel to the cooler climate of the Southern Highlands to really see fall here. Love the little pond shot. And you! 60! My you scrub up well. Have a blast. I'm 55 this weekend and in complete denial.

California Girl said...


Brian: Thanks! Awesome NOLA trip. We're at peak color right now.

kimy: thank you too. we had a really fun trip. i'm going to post about it as soon as everyone sends me their photos...hopefully this wknd.

Marguerite: I didn't have a Hurricane this time but I did have quite a few Sazeracs, not all in one night. Love those Sazeracs!

DeeDee: your comment will be sent straight to the spousal photographer. He'll eat it up!

Grandmother: from your lips...I actually "turn" in a couple more weeks. I'm the baby of the group which still irritates all of them he he.

DT: thank you dear. I'll pass your compliments along to my hubby.

Mermaid: TOO LATE! :)

Betsy: WAY. Yes, we love Fall in New England. It's probably the biggest reason people live here.

Baino: Happy Birthday to you Helen. You're now what is called "Double Nickels" bwahahaha!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful treat. Thank you. Have fun!

Ruth said...

Congratulations to Cole on these scrumptious photos! I can't get my mind off New England these days, wishing I was there (but MI is beautiful too).

Happy Birthday. I hope you had a blast, and what happens in N.O. stays in N.O., right?

California Girl said...

Nancy: Thanks, we did!

Ruth: Well, as for it "staying in NOLA", there isn't much to tell. I'm debating a photo post on this blog. Meanwhile, you'll get an overview of the trip, just from my emotional POV, on "Women of A Certain Age".

Tanna said...

So glad you had this celebratory trip with your friends!! New Orleans is a great place to kick back and just enjoy the moment. Happy Birthday (in a bit, if I recall).

As for blogging... time, baby! Time! Seems I'm always out of it!! LOL!

Cole's photos are amazing!! I'm hitting the friendly skies for Buffalo tomorrow and then on to VA. Hope to see some beautiful foliage on my adventures.

Take care and again, Happy Birthday!! blessings ~ tanna

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

What a beautiful blog you have! The photographs are lush!

California Girl said...

Tanna: Thanks for the comment. Hope you're having fun with your daughter and the grandboys!

Hostess: Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The lady commenting just before you, Tanna, calls her blog "The Brick Street Bungalow".

Pat Tillett said...

I don't know how I missed these! They are all fantastic...
Hope you are doing well!

California Girl said...

Pat: Ya gotta PAY ATTENTION!

Dutchbaby said...

Your hubby's photos are beautiful, especially the last two. There must not have been a puff of wind on that reflection shot.

I went to NOLA with my entire book club about four years ago. It's a great town for a girlfriend getaway. I bet y'all had a great birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

Tomás Serrano said...

The first shot is on the top! A master piece. Congrats! The rest is a wonderful collection. ¡Geniales!

California Girl said...

DBaby: NOLA was a blast. I keep meaning to write more about the trip for this blog, showing lots of photos. My other blog keeps me busy tho' I did write a reflective piece on it about how we all acted after 45+ yrs of knowing one another.

Tomas: I will pass your praise on to the photographer: my husband. THX!

Gloria Baker said...

These are beautiful pictures!! gloria

Unknown said...

Wow wow wow, your hubby is an artist! Backwater pond is my favorite:)