Monday, June 28, 2010

American Sunday: Fun With Photography

American Sunday 4 by Cole Scott Photography
My husband is having a great deal of fun with this one. What makes this such an interesting photograph? 

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

could it be the mirrored effect? there are some rows where there is a missing person...if u look at it too long u can get

Brian Miller said...

first, the perspective is brilliant...second, everyone seems to be in their own litle boxes, like they are in cubicles...the seperation between people cracks me up a bit...oh well. great pic!

Pat Tillett said...

That half the people with their hands in their laps, are actually:

Waiting to pee
Are reading the daily racing form

Or, this isn't really a church, it's the inside of the new AirBus mega airliner!

Tanna said...

How does he get those great church shots?? LOL! I'd be sure to be caught clicking away instead of paying attention. LOL! I love the body language of the congregation. Are the ladies on the fifth pew twins? I've ruled out mirror image since no others are???? Fun photo!

Michael said...

nice shot--sort of like everyone is eman tto be family set all are in their won spaces-cubed up as it were.

Unknown said...

Was he using a fish-eye lens? And, boy, do those pews look uncomfortable! Very cool picture!

Baino said...

I saw it this morning very briefly and thought the same thing , that it's a photo of a reflection If so, very clever to dodge being caught in it. I think the symmetry and slighty skewed angles are fantastic too