Sunday, September 13, 2009

U.S. Open: Women's Finals

"Second Serve"
Photo taken at U.S. Open by Cole Scott Photography

Woo Hoo! Women's Final tonight and I'm parked in front of the tube to watch. Kim Clijsters us back after a two year "retirement". We saw her play the first week while we were at the Open and it was a wonderful surprise. She's one of my favorite players. She beat Serena Williams last night in an upset. She was definitely dominating the match but it became complicated by Serena's unprecedented meltdown after a bad call.

Clijsters is playing a 19 year old from Denmark, Caroline Wozniacki, a wonderful player. Should be great!!!!!

11:00PM  PostScript:  Clijsters won 7/5, 6/3

Thanks Fox Sports for this great shot of the new winner of the U.S. Open, Women's Event, Kim Clijsters with her adorable baby, Jada. 


Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Hi! California Girl,
Thanks, for sharing the U.S.Open update...because I really enjoy watching and playing the game.
The photograph by Cole Scott, is outstanding...because it looks like
a painting too.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Unknown said...

That's a great shot!

Brian Miller said...

that is an amazing shot! crazy the antics in thematch the other day. bizarre really.

California Girl said...

Books: thanks. I sent your comment to the photographer (my husband).

Susan: thank you. it's a shot of the feet of Lisa Raymond's doubles partner, Shenay Perry.

Brian: thank you. yes, I was surprised by Serena's loss of composure. Very surprised. She's going to be the poster child for bad behaviour now. And after all those years the USTA tolerated Connors then McEnroe.

Baino said...

He is a gorgeous photographer . . .very inspriational and aspirational. I thought of you the other night when I was watching Serena's shenanigins! Never a dull moment.