Saturday, April 18, 2009

Music Video: I'm Through With Love Diana Krall

I saw this on another blog and lifted it from youtube. Wow.

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Tanna said...

What a treat! Diana Krall and a cool video!

I have enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. "If" is one of my favorite poems.

California Girl said...

Diana Krall will perform here in July at the venue of one of my clients. I'm taking my husband and we are psyched! Should be fabulous.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Diana Krall!!!! And especially this song. I have most of her CDs, but not the newest one which I will be asking for my birthday.

This video just knocked me out! Was there ever a woman more beautiful and tragic than Rita Hayworth? Of course, all the other actresses featured were and are as well, but there's just something about Hayworth.

I'm so envious of you getting to see Diana. I've heard she puts on a fabulous show.

California Girl said...

Hey Susan: Many of the actresses in this video had pretty severe problems. Gene Tierney who opens the video was always a favorite of mine and she had some kind of mental/emotional problems; Vivien Leigh had terrible mental instability as she aged; Rita had Alzheimer's; Lana Turner couldn't pick her men; neither could Liz; neither could Bette. Who am I leaving out? Audrey Hepburn... she picked a couple of loser husbands but had some pretty exciting romances from what I've read. She gave of herself.

Evocative video.

Nancy said...

I'm totally in love with her! I even have her on my ringtone!

crone51 said...

I adore Diana Krall.