Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Birding We Will Go

Purple Finch in Spring by Andrew Thompson courtesy Tin Mountain Conservation Center

I am informed by above referenced TMCC there is an incredible "birding spot in interior New England" known as the Brownfield Bog. Birds such as this may be viewed on birding expeditions. Apparently required equipment is minimal: binocs, rubber boots (mud season) and a snack.

I am not going but I love the colorful look of this birdy so I posted it for pure pleasure.

Update!!! May 1st!!! Just found out this is the New Hampshire state bird. whaddyaknow?


Brian Miller said...

lol. thought you were setting up for a nice adventure there. thanks for giving all of us the bird. happy tuesday!

Unknown said...

I used to do a little birding when I was more active as a MNS ( Malaysian Nature Society) member. Just lent my old pair of bins to a friend who's first -timer.
Thanks for the pic.

California Girl said...

Brian: GREAT response. You are too funny.

Keats: maybe some day I'll go...we do have binocs in the house. My husband would love to get a photo of a pretty bird like this.

Nabeel said...

This is a beautiful picture. The red robin sings :) What a cute little birdie.

Tanna said...

LOL! Brian. That is too funny. California Girl, pure pleasure!