Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Reader vs The Blogger

I wonder how many readers of this or any other blog are just readers and not bloggers? In other words, does everyone who reads blogs, blog?

It just occurred to me, while reading 25 comments beneath another blog post, to wonder if they are all bloggers. I'm thinking they are because they all have a profile icon and I don't think they'd have one if they weren't contributing.

So, is the community of bloggers all writers? frustrated writers? wannabe published? I know I am all of the above. But what about the rest of you? I'm wondering if the lack of interest in my blog by my close friends is due to the fact none of them blog?

I prefer not to think it's my writing!


Tanna said...

LOL! Interesting queries California Girl! I am passing on a Fabulous Blog Award! I enjoy both of your blogs and, yes, I love bloggging! Keep writing! =)

(visit my blog for details on the award. Congratulations!)

California Girl said...

Thank you Tanna! I will work on passing this along tonight. It will be hard to pick five. I find these awards introduce me to other really good blogs and that is always great!

tut-tut said...

It's because they don't blog. I have the same kind of thing. It's also disconcerting when they are readers but don't comment--except in person.

I haven't been around in the blog world the past week, and feel the need to reconnect. thanks for your comment today. Music Monday is the day my daughter (17) puts up something.

California Girl said...

I think you are right tut-tut. My husband doesn't even leave comments but he mentions having read my blogs occasionally which is why I haven't yet explored a subject I'm dying to: The One That Got Away.

Unknown said...

Another middle-aged female blogger/reader/frustrated writer checking in. I send notices to family and friends when I post pics of the grandkids, but not on other posts. As far as I know, only one friend from high school checks in on a regular basis, but doesn't comment. I've only had comments a couple of times from my sister. I don't have a lot of followers, so it's usually the same gang checking in. Which is fine with me.

One of my friends was Blogger of Note once and it kind of ruined it for her for a while. She likes a small intimate community as I do. Well, if you consider the internet as being intimate. Then again, she picked up a few new followers that she really likes, so I guess it was worth it.

I really like both your blogs and look forward to new posts.

Nancy said...

You are a great writer. Don't stop!

I'm not sure how many people read mine because I don't have one of those site trackers.

Tanna said...

I can't wait to read about The One Who Got Away! =)

California Girl said...

Susan: in my heart of hearts I'd like to make Blogs of Note although i think the pressure of wanting to be fascinating would overwhelm me. I have found many blogs I now follow via Blogs of Note. Then I begin to read the blogs they follow & so on. I know there's commonality in what interests me but I can't quite pinpoint yet. Thank you for your kind words.

LOL: You are my first consistent follower and I really appreciate that. Keep those Tahoe pics & stories coming! I miss CA.

Tanna: I saw your comment on my other blog about my coming for coffee some day (to Tyler, TX). Somebody will, no doubt, arrange a blog convention and alot of us will meet. I can see it happening. We'll probably all have a great deal in common.

DawnTreader said...

I never read any blogs until a friend across the world sent me a link to hers. Then I created an account to be able to comment on hers. And when I had created the account, I thought - why not check this out a bit more? So I started blogging (about two months ago), AND reading other blogs. Today I landed on yours and I don't quite remember how I got here... ;-) But I do think there is a connection between being interested in writing yourself, and reading what other (unknown) persons write!

California Girl said...

Wow! Hi! I love that I can reach someone in Sweden and v.v. My cousin's wife is from Skelleftea and I do not know if I spelled that correctly. I've never been to Sweden but would so love to go with her one day before we are both too old. Thank you for reading my work and I'll check into yours.