Friday, April 11, 2008

Sideways Dog

We have a great dog named Dewey. He's a mutt. All our dogs are mutts. By all, I mean all two of them. They are adopted as is our adorable cat, Maggie (Feb 20 post). Dewey, however, is unique. He arrived the day after my girlfriend convinced my husband to "just see him". Yeah. Dewey was a 6 month old pup who'd come into her family campground by swimming the river. He was wild and unpredictable and she didn't want a dog. I'm shaking my head saying "No, No, No" while my husband is saying "SURE! We'll look at him!" I knew it was futile.

Dewey arrived the next morning (my girlfriend knew a sure bet when she saw one) and promptly ran into our home, relieved himself on a chair then took a dump on our carpet and ran out. I just sat there. We kept him anyway.

He's a real Heinz 57: lab, pit bull, German Shepherd. He's yellow. He's very skinny. In fact, at one point, my husband was so worried he wasn't gaining weight he was convinced he had a tapeworm.

"Oh, he doesn't have a tapeworm!" I kept repeating.

He had a tapeworm.

We call him Sideways Dog because he reminds us of those poor skinny mutts in Mexico always scratching and biting their fleas who seem to walk sideways down the road. Dewey does all of that and more. We've had him five years now and he's a great frisbee dog, watch dog and friend. But he's still that puppy who bounded in, left a mess, ran out. And he'll always be Sideways Dog.

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Emily said...

mutts are most certainly the best dogs of all!