Friday, February 22, 2008

Red Alert

My husband tried to gently break the news our younger son may be coming home to stay again. I knew he was planning to spend the summer here but never thought for one second he might stay on. He is currently applying late to the technical school at our biggest university, UNH. If he gets in, it will be a two year program. He will live on campus where so many of his friends are going. I wish I could say I am excited but...this is the kid who lasted one semester last Fall in another nearby university, dropped from 13 units to 4 and barely made it through those classes before clearing out declaring, "I hate school." Oh boy. Not the path I want to go down again. Our last discussion was he would either enroll in the local community college in Salt Lake or possibly culinary school. He did mention the tech school but only in passing. His brother wants to study abroad and might leave so he wants to keep his "options open." That didn't alarm me because his brother hasn't done a single thing to apply, prepare or earn money to study abroad, fun as that might be. I just figured they'd be together again next year. Now I'm wondering if we're going backwards. I feel like a bad mom not wanting my children back but, as my therapist says over and over, "You are no longer on the same path. Your lifestyles are very different now." Yes, I know that. But how do I get through to my youngest son without hurting his feelings? ????

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