Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maggie the Cat

My cat, Maggie, is the single most favorite creature in my life. I say this with all due respect to my husband and sons. I just cannot get over how much I love this cat. It is unconditional and that mystifies my husband no end. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I call her "the Baby". My husband, exasperated, often asks

"WHY do you insist on calling the CAT 'the Baby'?"

I had to ponder that a while before I knew. It's probably because I can cuddle her and kiss her the way I once cuddled my children. She loves to crawl into bed with me as they once did. But, she's independent as they never were and she does as she pleases as they tried so often to do. There is a refreshing lack of too much responsibility I can have with her. Cats are easier than dogs. Everybody knows that. You just learn not to expect too much, take them on their own terms and you'll have a happy relationship. Kinda like the kids AFTER they leave the nest!

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Anonymous said...

What a cat!