Saturday, February 9, 2008

And, it begins...

CB and RF embarked on a 2500 mile road trip Wed morning, Jan 2nd, in my husband's beloved Saab. We broke down and gave CB the car. He needs one after 2 1/2 yrs of living life on a skateboard, a bike and public transportation. It's not that any of that hurt him. He just couldn't get a date on a skateboard! Actually, we really felt he deserved it and we could do it so... They took along a close friend, Pat, and took turns driving in shifts. They left New Hampshire (where we live) without a road map, atlas or directions. They were aiming for New York planning to make a right turn somewhere along the way. Seriously. They actually called a friend up to map quest the route when they weren't sure which way to go. Can you imagine? My husband finally convinced them to get a road atlas and read it. Key phrase "read it". They somehow made it to SOUTH BEND, INDIANA the first night. It was about 1100 miles. Next night they made it to CHEYENNE, WYOMING, another 1000 miles. Friday they logged the last 500 to SLC. yes, we are incredibly pleased they arrived safely. I called Fri night around 5:30pm to hear they were just passing the turn off to Park City and had 30 minutes to go. I was so excited. Spoke w/ them both yesterday...they were the recipients of a party at their house fri night. My husband said, "Imagine driving 2500 miles in three days and then partying all night." sigh. RF says his new accomodations are "awesome". Apparently, CB has a walk in closet where RF will live. I asked him, "Where will you put your clothes?" Answer: "Oh, it has built ins. We have room for our clothes and me." So, I guess Closet Boy and Butt Boy are on their way. We call CB Butt Boy because his posterior once graced my old copy machine @ work. My co workers found a photo of hairy cheeks jamming the machine. This was about 4 yrs ago as I recall. I was the one to recognize the culprit...due to the shirt pattern, nothing else! ugh. RF has moved to Salt Lake to live with his brother after one semester @ Univ So. Maine. He just didn't like it. He is now looking into culinary school. Whatever he does, it should be creative. He is truly a right brain boy. So, the old man and I are alone together for the first time in 21 years. We keep looking at one another and laughing because it is so unusual. As parents, you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop...the door to slam, the bellow of "MOM" or "DAD" to bombard our ears, the constant mess in the kitchen, the den, wherever they land. My husband has been cleaning out their room and it took an entire day to just sort through the mess and arrange in piles. He hasn't even opened the closet yet! For those of you with kids still at home...your turn will come!

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