Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun Stuff We Do in New England

Every year I post photographs of the wildly popular local attraction/contest/tourist draw, "The Pumpkin People" held throughout the Town of Bartlett in the burghs of Jackson, Glen, Bartlett and Harts Location.    Restaurants, lodging establishments, shops come up with original tableaux using something we have in abundance in the Fall:  pumpkins.    These photos are from years past.  The new ones will be on display between Oct1 -21st.  For more info go here.

                                                                                              Abbey Road

Addams Family

Pirates of the Port of  Pumpkin

Pumpkin People Salute the Military

Yellow Brick Road



Brian Miller said...

hahaha these are fun...will not be long before the pumpkins start showing up around here...the best we usually get though is a pumpkin in overalls...

California Girl said...

Yes, and then we get the internet email memes with the plumber pumpkins bent over and a crack showing above their jeans.

Pat Tillett said...

Those are all great! Is it a particular town that does this?

California Girl said...

Jackson New Hampshire lodging & restaurants started it...or else the Jackson Chamber did. It has spread outside their little town and the creativity is something to see.