Thursday, June 23, 2011

Customer Service Is Dead: Part Deux

Judging by the comments I received on my previous post, appliance manufacturer and retailer apathy are rampant and it doesn't seem to matter the perceived grade or quality of the appliance. 

My hobby, if you will, is cooking.  I love trying new ingredients and new recipes. I love dinner parties.  I love appliances, small and large, if they make the process easier and more fun.  I don't love spending good money for said appliances to have them not work properly.  If they don't work properly, I have been ripped off.  In my case, with Electrolux appliances, I have been Ripa-ed off. 

I was foolish enough to go to the Electrolux manufacturer's site to see if there were a comments tab or similar.  I found a game called "Are You Party Ready"  in which you're supposed to respond in 40 words or less to a videotaped pending party disaster scenario taped by Kelly Ripa who then asks,
"What would you do?"
My response (after about 15 edits to get the word count down to said 40 words)
"Re: my 9 mos new Electrolux refrigerator, d/w, range, m/w. Dishes dirty, refrigerator cold spots   freeze food. M/W handle broke off. We've had 5+ d/w diagnostics, asked for replacement in Mar. No help. What would you do?"
 Nothing in response so far.

I am on a crusade, people!  I feel the need to inundate the manufacturer with emails, letters, blog posts and whatever else I can find.  If you know of any consumer sites that offer an open forum for discussion, commentary, reviews and the like, please share with me.  I'll share my findings with you too.


The Silver Fox said...

To hell with the websites. Start by calling a "Platinum Star service specialist" at 877-435-3287, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5:30pm (EST). I assume that, as with all corporations nowadays, it'll take forever to reach a human, but it's a start.

Brian Miller said... verizon High Speed internet sucks...i have had them out to the house numerous times been on the phone...bad mouthed them on twitter...i dunno what it will take...

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.G...
First Of all, I'm so sorry to read that this is morphing into a..."kitchen nightmare."
[I forgot to mention that the photograph Of the kitchen [in your previous post]is so beautiful...I guess sometimes looks can be deceiving...]

Secondly, I wonder if they would have responded(Sp) to your 40 words response if you where(Sp) in praise Of their product :-?

Thirdly, Try contacting the BBB or Goggling...a What would you do question?
[postscript: My computer resolution was too big and I Goggle a What would you do question? and did I find an answer: In a word...yes, I know, I know two totally, different issues, but Of course.
[Simple Vs. Complex...]

Finally, I hope this is the beginning Of resolving this issue for you, too!
deedee :-/

Baino said...

Oh fight the good fight, you go girl. I'm at war with my energy provider at the moment who seems to think that I'm running a jacuzzi, dryer and aircon 24/7 judging by the bill! Women of the world UNITE!

Tanna said...

You go, CG!!! I'm cheering you all the way!

DJan said...

Good for you, Cali! You are doing just what needs to be done when getting such bad service. I wait and watch with anticipation to what happens next...

Unknown said...

I posted a review about my dishwasher on might keep someone else from making the same mistake.

Love your answer/question to Ms. Ripa!

California Girl said...

Fox, Thank you for the phone number. I started with them, actually. I now have a real Supervisor with a real name & a real phone number, extension & email. So far so good.

Brian, we recently switched our work internet from an independent to Time Warner Cable. Phones too. They still drop calls & we're offline alot.

DeeDee, just fyi, not a photo of my kitchen in previous post. It's actually an Electrolux shot from one of their ads. Those are the same appliances I have, however. BBB is one approach, Consumer Reports another, and there are probably more online opportunities.

Helen, OMG the electric bills are so outrageous nowadays. I remember when $50 a month was high. In the Winter, ours avgs around $225. It's unbelievable and we really try to economize. I'm about ready to break out the oil lamps.

Tanna, Thanks. Not holding my breath but it is the principle after all.

DJan, ditto above to Tanna.

Susan, now that is an interesting idea. I occasionally see those. I'm going to try it this weekend.

Betsy Brock said...

haha...I'm with Helen! You go, girl! Let us know if Ms. Ripa replies! ha.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at those type of appliances oh, my god, I will not even consider getting that brand..I think most appliance companies think in one year increments if at that..I use my dishwasher judiciously and sometimes just use paper plates I know I am bad to do that, my old Maytag from 1987 is washing the clothes great, the dryer I only use for a limited amount of time and hang the stuff on wooden racks from the 60's late at that..sorry about the crap you are experiencing I will pray that you get some relief from that crap..geez one would think that appliances brand spanking new would actually last a lifetime for the price of those products..I think your blog is wonderful and I will be praying for you to get some immediate relief/replacement and satifaction!

Kelly Ripa said...

Hey, come on, folks! Stop blaming me, please? Electrolux only pays me to look pretty. I don't work in their office!

(Okay, okay, this is really The Silver Fox... but I couldn't resist!)

Pat Tillett said...

My wife is a nice person, but when we have a problem with things like this, she is the salesperson, service manager, or whomever's worst nightmare. She is relentless. The worse they react, the more determined she gets. One tip....go directly to the state licensing board with your complaints. In california, it seems to work well.

California Girl said...

Betsy: Kelly Ripa responded! See her comment in the post!!!

Anonymous: thank you for visiting and your thoughts. I am goiong to get a replacement if it's the last thing I do. Come back again soon!

Kelly!!! Thank you for personally taking the time to respond. I'd really love it if you'd rip up your contract with Electrolux because, as one blogger put it, "Kelly Ripa is a big fat liar" and we don't want that, do we? Your credibility is at stake. Think about it...Think of the thousands, nay millions, of American consumers you will save from certain disappointment, grief and hair pulling. Pull out now before it's too late~!!

Pat: Me too. Thanks for the tip.