Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gone Fishin'

"Gone Fishin" a popular title for print articles, signs and email, is code for "I'm on vacation"...which I am.

Fishing on the Lake  Summer 2010

We are, for a very short time, not empty nesters.  Our chicks are home to roost as we pursue a favorite summer activity, a home on the water, this time a lake.  We are in Maine in a waterfront cottage with a dock for our ski boat, a basement room for our dogs, a fire pit, a comfy house with lots of windows overlooking the lake.  We brought very little for the week as everything has been provided except the food and liquor.  Bathing suits, shorts, tees, sunscreen, lots of food, beer, soda and dog food.  My husband brought his hammock and cameras.  I, obviously, brought my computer although this is the first time I've opened it since Friday.  It is Monday.  I'm through one of three books I bought:  "That Old Cape Magic", Richard Russo's latest, then "The Girl Who Played With Fire" Steig Larsen's # 2 in his series; and John Irving's latest, "Last Night in Twisted River" which the bookseller assures me is akin to his older style of writing, i.e. "Garp", "Cider House Rules", "Owen Meany".  We'll see.

Oh, and by the way, the glasses are dirty, there are crumbs everywhere, the food is eaten as soon as I buy it and there's no running around naked except for the boys who think they are God's gift in the physique dept.  Oi.  What was I musing about in my last post???????

Ta ta for now.  Off to the boat to get in some quality time with the menfolk while they wakeboard and waterski. 



Brian Miller said...

ha. sounds like you are having a blast...hope you dont run out of books. smiles.

Tanna said...

Sounds like some wonderful times in a idyllic spot!! Hope you enjoy every moment!

Finished Larson's #2 on vacation last week myself and #3 Sunday evening. I found his bio most interesting... had to google him after finishing the last book.

Happy Vacationing!

Grandmother Mary said...

Have a ball! And enjoy the menfolk. BTW- great choice of books. I read Larson's first and couldn't stop until I finished #3. Quirky heroine and cracker jack writing!

DJan said...

What a great vacation! Glad to hear you didn't open your computer until now, but heck, it's the way I get my news! I sometimes take news fasts but then I get all antsy.

BTW, I am re-reading "The Good Earth" right now and find it to be better than when I read it last. Maybe I'll re-read "Garp."

Nancy said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! Dip your toes and read a good one for me! (The sound of glasses clinking.)

Baino said...

Ah sounds gorgeous. I'm saving the Larssen books for the long flight to Europe. Have fun!

Julie said...

oops cant seem to find your "Brush' post for TT this week.

Captain Dumbass said...

Maine? Maine scares the hell out of me. Too many Stephen King books.

Pat Tillett said...

Sounds like a perfect place to unwind. Maine is one of the states I've never been to. Hope to see photos. Enjoy yourself!