Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Theme Thursday Draft

Theme Thursday's word "draft" conjured up a few ideas:  draft beer, draft dodger, draft horses, the draft, drafting table, draught...I was thinking of concocting an amalgam of the words that meant different things.  But when I visited for related definitions, I found the longest list of definitions I've seen and I just decided to print that.   WHEW! 


[draft, drahft]

1.  a drawing or design.

2.  a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision, copying, etc
3.  act of drawing; delineation

4.  a current of air in any enclosed space, esp. in a room, chimney, or stove.
5.  current of air moving in an upward or downward direction

6.  a device for regulating the current of air in a stove, fireplace, etc.

7.  an act of drawing or pulling loads.

8.  something that is drawn or pulled; a haul.

9.  an animal or team of animals used to pull a load.
10 the force required to pull a load

11 the taking of supplies, forces, money, etc., from a given source.

12 a selection or drawing of persons, by lot or otherwise, from the general body of the people for military 
     service; levy; conscription.

13  the persons so selected.

14  Sports . a selecting or drawing of new players from a choice group of amateur players by professional
      teams, esp. a system of selecting new players so that each team in a professional league receives some  
      of the most promising players.

15  British . a selection of persons already in military service to be sent from one post or organization to
      another; detachment.

16  a written order drawn by one person upon another; a writing directing the payment of money on account
     of the drawer; bill of exchange.

17  a drain or demand made on anything.  
18  draft beer
19  an act of drinking or inhaling

20  something that is taken in by drinking or inhaling; a drink; dose.

21  a quantity of fish caught.

22  Nautical . the depth to which a vessel is immersed when bearing a given load.

23  Also called leave. Metallurgy . the slight taper given to a pattern so that it may be drawn from the sand
      without injury to the mold.

24  Metalworking .

         a.  the change in sectional area of a piece of work caused by a rolling or drawing operation.

         b.  a taper on a die or punch permitting it to be withdrawn readily from the work.

25  Masonry . a line or borderchiseled at the edge of a stone, to serve as a guide in leveling the surfaces.

26  Textiles

         a.  the degree of attenuation produced in fibers during yarn processing, expressed either by 
             the ratio of the weight of raw to the weight of processed fiber, or by the ratio between  
             the varying surface speeds of the rollers on the carding machine

         b. the act of attenuating the fibers.

27  an allowance granted to a buyer for waste of goods sold by weight.
–VERB (used with object)

28   to draw the outlines or plan of; sketch.

29   to draw up in written form; compose.

30   to draw or pull.
31   to take or select by draft, esp. for military service

32   Masonry . to cut a draft on.
–VERB (used without object)

33   to do drafting; work as a draftsman.

34   (in an automobile race) to drive or ride close behind another car so as to benefit from the reduction  
       in air pressure created behind the car ahead.

35   used or suited for drawing loads: a draft horse.

36   drawn or available to be drawn from a cask rather than served from a sealed bottle: draft ale

37   being a tentative or preliminary outline, version, design, or sketch.

38   on draft, available to be drawn from a cask rather than from a sealed bottle: imported beer on draft.

Also, especially British , draught ( for defs 1, 3–10, 18–25, 38–33, 35–37 ) .

later sp of  draught  (since 16th century)

draft·a·ble, adjective
drafter, noun
an·ti·draft, adjective
pre·draft, noun, verb (used with object)
re·draft, verb (used with object)
un·draft·a·ble, adjective
un·draft·ed, adjective

draft, draught, draughts, drought


Brian Miller said...

snap. now i have to rewrite my poem as i only included 4

so nice of you to blog about me as well...miller and all, you know. smiles.

happy tt!

Tanna said...

OMG. That is the longest list of definitions for one simple word I have ever seen!

I could use the definition in the photo about now. ;)

Jingle said...

you are very thoughtful,
lovely list of draft stuff...

I enjoyed your theme post!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for the diction lesson! -J

järnebrand said...

Well, there's the English language for ya...! I keep saying, if there is one or two ways to say something in Swedish, there are probably about fifteen ways to do it in English...! :)
An amazing language it is, however...
Interesting TT. Well done/ Jo.

DJan said...

Who would have guessed that the word is so well used? I'm drafting a response. Is it drafty in here?

Roy said...

Heh, heh! That's a lot of uses for one word! I have an objection, though - the beer ain't "draft beer" if it comes out of a bottle; it's only "draft" when it's coming out of the tap into the glass. Accept no substitutes!

Dreamhaven said...

Holy cow. For a word so short, it certainly gets around, lol.
Happy TT

moondustwriter said...

way to go -you make words fun!!!
loved you comment. Glad my draft definition was #34
I never would have known. It was the first that came to mind after the military draft (#12)


Minka said...

You didn't know all that? Okay, then... that makes me feel much better...

Dot-Com said...

Ha! Beer is always good. Approved!

PattiKen said...

Mind-boggling, isn't it. No wonder English is such a difficult language to learn.

Note to Brian: Nah, that can't be about you. No foamy head on you!

Tracy said...

LOL..I bet people think we're a couple of alcoholics. :-) Happy TT!

tony said...

Brrrrrh! A Bit Of A Draft in here! Cheers! Enjoy That Beer!

JC said...

You are a Silly !!!

April J. Ellington said...

Wow, I had no idea a single word could have so many variations in definition. I'll never look at "draft" the same way. ;-)

When I was younger, I was fascinated with the dictionary. I used to sit down, as a hobby, and learn new words and try my darndest to embed their meanings into my memory bank.

Perhaps I should pick that hobby back up.

Nancy said...

Okay, I now know everything I ever needed to know about "draft!"

Unknown said...

Ha! That's the hubs' beer of choice! Myself, I like a Blue Moon once in a....well, you know.

Baino said...

Holy moly . .I still think it's spelled draught! hehe