Thursday, June 25, 2009

Theme Thursday Summer

Summer, for my family, is all about being on or in the water. We celebrate summer weekends on deep New England lakes. We tow the boat to the ramp, back it down and gently pull the boat off the trailer into the water. The boys and my husband water ski and wake board. I drive. We pack a lunch and picnic on the water. We doze in the sun, floating on a raft or the swim deck of the boat. We take lazy spins around the lake to admire the beautiful summer homes. We wonder if, some day, we will live on a lake. We imagine the house and the dock we'll enjoy.

We also celebrate summer each year at a beach. This year it was Anna Maria Island. We swim, body surf, play Frisbee. We pitch an umbrella to shade us from the hot sun, slathering SPF 30+ on for additional protection. Our hearts are light and our minds are free. We take sunrise or sunset walks, ride bicycles, play tennis, scout out delectable restaurants or grill at home.

Summer is all about heightened senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Our sight is enhanced by the unparalled summer light whether it's broad daylight, long twilight, rosy dawns, the Northern Lights. Summer sounds include everything from lawn mowers to boat motors, recurring tides, splashing water, the laughter of children at play; the murmur of adults talking on a warm summer night. Touch the sand between your toes, the beating of the sun on your skin, the refreshing feel of the water. Taste the grilled food, the cold beer, the exquisite pleasure of a meal after a long day at play. Smell the sea, the barbecue, the newly cut grass, the scent of sunscreen, the way your child smells after a day outside, bathing suits hung out to dry in the fresh air. This is what we wait for. This is what we love: Summer in all its glory.

Relaxing on the boat

Walking on Water

Up from the Sea

Greased Up and Ready to Go!

"Where do you want the umbrella?"

Beach Motel 60's Style

"Ahh, I have it all to myself..."

For one more great summer scene I've already posted and didn't wanna repeat, go here.


Brian Miller said...

very cool looking motel! think you are right in that summer is about the many sensations you do not get in any of the other seasons. hope you are enjoying your summer!

The Silver Fox said...

I also loved the shot of the beach motel. Reminds me of a place I saw in San Francisco back in '82.

Unknown said...

This is a wondrous essay. I am seriously serious. You should submit this to a magazine. It is really beautiful and captures all the things I love about summer. I am so impressed.

I'm also impressed by those two hunky sons of yours! Cutie-pies! Too bad I don' have any unattached daughters around!

Kat Mortensen said...

That is a handsome pair of lads!

I too love that sound of the recurring tide. Such a wonderful sensory image.


Baino said...

It's largely about smells for me too. You're right sunscreen and gardenia and that lovely wet grass smell after a storm. It's also the smell of Christmas trees . .weird huh! They're two handsome lads you have there my girl they must be beating the ladies off with a big stick! Great beach too! Ooh I feel all warm now . .oh wait, that would be my bathrobe and the fan heater at my feet!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says summer more that what you've so beautifully summed up here.
And that click over to the Laura Trevey painting; the perfect endpiece.

Well done, CG!

Kate Hanley said...

So true. I never thought about summer being about senses but it is: the taste of the grill, the smell of the grass, the sound of the waves, the feel of the heat. Amazing!

Mrsupole said...

I remember the days at the lake, although Lake Mead does not have the trees like I see in the pictures. The boats and jet skis were so much fun. Then everyone got rid of them and no one seems to go out there anymore. I have to stay out of the sun now, due to, well that is for another day. But I really miss those days on the lake.

And you have described all the joys of summer so well. Thank you for doing this. Those are two hunky and good looking dudes there. Great pictures.

God bless, and I hope you enjoy your summer days.

Rhonda said...

it is so hot and dry in Oklahoma right now, but your pictures are great and I am trying to imagine myself back on a beach.

are those your sons? if so, they should take up modeling.

California Girl said...

Brian & Foxy: I think it's so cute the way you guys love the motel. My husband LOVES that shot. I was kind of "eh" about it as I'm so over 60's graffiti style. Definitely a guy thing.

Susan: I've read and re-read this essay trying to boost my self esteem after your generous comment. I do like some of the lines but would need to work and re-work it to be satisfied. I truely appreciate the compliment.

Susan, Kat,Baino,Mrsupole,and RhondaOK: The boys are nice looking and would be thrilled to hear your comments. I will let them know they have admirers. They are low key about their looks. They like to pump their arms and do the muscle thing but not much egotism in either, which is good. The younger one would like to be a model but has never pursued it. I think that falls into his dreamscapes along with being rich and having a large family, being a world traveller, etc.

AD: Thank you. And, yes, Laura Trevey paints the most evocative scenes.

Kate: I really do equate summer with the smell of the ocean, the seaweed, the sound of the ocean, the buzzing of other season (in my opinion) assaults the senses as unrelentingly (is that a word?) as summer.

R.L. Bourges said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the summer, cg.

Best from Graulhet

Michael Rawluk said...

You certainly caught the essence of summer. And what a super cool motel that is.

Marguerite said...

You've captured summer so beautifully! I agree with Susan and think that you should submit this essay to a magazine or ezine because you are such a talented writer!!! And your sons are really ripped!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

There is nothing that says "summer" more than a beautiful beach!

Reyjr said...

The motel looks very coool (with 3 "o"s) haha. How should I say, very "beach"-y? lol.

tony said...

Hey, This Sounds Like Heaven To Me!
Has anybody commented how one of the Lads Looks Like The Famous Portugese Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

California Girl said...

RL: these are the moments, days, we treasure. I think this is what the boys will remember about family and summer days and vacations.

Michael: Another male vote for the motel! I'll pass along to the spousal unit. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Marguerite: "ripped" they'll LOVE that. hahahahaha! Meanwhile, thank you too for the vote of confidence in my writing. I guess I'll read it again.

Pat: thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.

reyjr: another vote for the mote(l)! You're the man!

tony: Nobody has ever compared the older one (he's the darker, more Mediterranean looking of the two) to Ronaldo but they have compared him to Rafael Nadal. He plays tennis so he loves that.

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

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What beautiful beach shots you have here, and......
Cuuuuute sons you have...oh, to be so cute & young! ;)
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