Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tag I'm It

Jaime of Red Red Whine tagged me to list six unimportant things that make me happy. I am then to tag six new blogs with the same task.

1) Mention the person who tags you.
2) List your six unimportant things that make you happy.
3) Tag six blogs by notifying them in a comment on their blog.
4) List the six on your blog.

Here goes:
1) "Ugly Betty" makes me happy.
2) Mexican food makes me happy.
3) My laptop makes me happy.
4) Robert Redford movies make me happy.
5) Signing new clients makes me happy.
6) Losing weight makes me happy.

This isn't as easy as it looks. I revised this list twice because I decided I was choosing things I could not or would not want to live without thus making them important.

So, onto the new list of six:

Bear Swamp Reflections
synch-ro-ni-zing & small
The Brick Street Bungalow
Life in the Second Half
Baino's Banter

Onward and upward!


Minka said...

It is funny sometimes, what makes us happy, isn't it? Ad just maybe "happy" isn't the best word? Don't they really make us feel good, nice, content? It depends on the definition of happiness, really.

Anyway, be happy!

Ima Wizer said...

I just want to say you paint beautifully!!!! My goodness! I love the paintings posted on this site.

Brian Miller said...

Tag! ok, will pass along. will say mexican food can't be listed as makes the world go have a great Sunday!

California Girl said...

Minka: I guess it's just about little things that we may do without that make us happy.

Ima: Actually, my girlfriend is the artist. I will pass along your compliments to her. Your work and that of your students is fantastic.

Brian: yes, I really hovered over that because I feel that way too but, in the scheme of things, I'm making it a non-essential.

Unknown said...

Okay, Cali Girl, all done with Tagging. Here's my list:

Cindy, at Portland Peeps
Sanna, at Violet Sky
Delphine, at From a Caravan to a Chateau--My Life
Sandy, at You've Gotta Read This!
Ladybug, at Eclectique
Oliag, at Picturing the Year

It was fun! Thanks!

Ruth said...

Thank you! Now the hard part . . .

Ima Wizer said...

Thank you! I love you blogs!!!!

Baino said...

I definitely commented here last night, am I in your spam? Thanks, I'll do this one today!

California Girl said...

Susan: I read and re-read your comment and finally re-read my post and realized I'd written "list the six on MY blog" instead of on "YOUR" blog.

DOH! (head slap)

Sorry for the extra work.

Tanna said...

Oh, my gosh! Was tagged and didn't even know it! I was missing in action for awhile! This will be fun! Thanks, California Girl!