Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rooster Art

This is a new image by my close friend, Joelle. She is working hard to license her images and I think she's about to hit pay dirt.

I love roosters & chickens and have enjoyed the many images & photos on the synch-ro-ni-zing blog. I've wanted to post something but did not have an image until now.

I grew up with chickens. We had one rooster, Henry, and five hens. They were Bantams. They were tiny, colorful and lovely. They lay a lot of eggs which we enjoyed.

I have rooster art around my kitchen. I even have a pair of blue china roosters made in China in the forties (I think). They are so odd. My mother had them and I remember them as a child. Found them when we cleaned out Dad's house. They also reside in my kitchen.

I'd love to have real ones again but my cat would never go for that.


Brian Miller said...

my youngest is obsessed with tractors, so we occasionally drop into the local tractor supply. only this week they had big tubs of chicks for easter. he had a blast watching them, and scared them frozen when he bumped the tub. lol.

Ruth said...

Wow! Joelle's rooster POPs here on your black background! Just gorgeous. I would totally agree that pay dirt is on its way. Chickens are HOT right now! We have to laugh because calendars and books are readily available for Don's students to give him for Christmas. :)

Thank you for the props!

Again, those little Bantams sound so cute. But we had to give ours away as they got so aggressive. (Napoleon complex.)

California Girl said...

Brian: once a year my father would allow the eggs to hatch so we'd have chicks to raise & learn about. Even tho' we lived in So. Cal, it seems they were always born in January and it was cold outside and my brother and I would have to go out and keep them warm to keep them alive. I loved them but we usually didn't keep them after they grew.

Ruth: I am happy you like her rendering. It is very stylized because she's focused on a commercial sale. The chicken paintings you post are soft & dreamy. Your photos are up close & really show the personalities of your chickens. They do have their own personalities, don't they?