Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Pet Photogs

Too Far to Jump?
We live in the White Mountains and our dogs love to roam. This is Dewey contemplating the way down during a Spring hike in May 2007.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah living in the white mountains....divine...remember so excellent hikes up there when we lived in connecticut. how wonderful to have access any time!

one of our most memorable hiking trips was a special hike going from hut to hut.... and instead of bringing in all the tents, bags and food, being about to be pampered - never was roughing it so luxurious!

gotta get back one day....ah so many wonderful places to go!

California Girl said...

one of my clients is the AMC and I'm hoping to do some tv publicity on the huts this summer. They have been remodeled and upgraded to some extent so AMC wants to show them off. Also, AMC built a fabulous new center in Crawford Notch. It opened 2 yrs ago I think.

You are welcome about the award. I think they serve to highlight other creative endeavours!

Nancy said...

The White Mountains look lovely. Your pictures are always wonderful. You must have a terrific camera, not to mention perspective.

California Girl said...

He used a Canon S3IS.