Thursday, September 18, 2008

Starting Over

I have just been pursued and wooed to a new job at a local television station. After 27 years in radio sales, I am now going to be the sales mgr of a local station that broadcasts resort information to tourists when they visit. Am I excited? You're darn tootin'! I have been working for a major publically owned radio company for the past six years and I actually thought I'd end my career in broadcasting with them. Zzzzzzz. I now have a new challenge and opportunity to grow with a company that is expanding and entrepreneurial. How great is that?

I didn't have time to think it through...just three days. That is probably a good thing. When you get older, you tend to think too much. I reacted on gut. I liked the people with whom I interviewed. They asked me what I wanted (can't remember the last time THAT happened) and they gave it to me. I keep thinking I should pinch myself but that is my cynicism sneaking in to spoil my fun. It's okay to feel good about myself and believe I deserve this. My Baptist/Presbyterian upbringing doesn't allow for much self-congratulation. I always feel guilty. But, like Stuart Smalley always says,

"I'm good enough,
I'm smart enough
and, dog-gone it, people like me!"

Thank you, Al Franken.

Deborah Moffett

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