Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Really, there is no beautiful style, no beautiful design, and no beautiful color: there is just one beauty, that of the truth that is revealed."

This quote about truth is by Auguste Rodin. Double click on the title and you'll link to a Sep 10 Washington Post article on truth vs lies and whether those lies, in this presidential campaign, become facts before they can be "undone".

I am appalled by the television ads the McCain camp is running. They present lies and they are spending alot of money for high frequency among viewers. Some examples: 1) Obama will raise your taxes 2) Obama will retreat from Iraq, etc. 3) Obama knows nothing about foreign policy.

Last night's Rachel Maddox show, MSNBC 9pm EST, debuted a new tv ad implying Obama was for sex education to kindergartners. The visual shows a photo of him, smiling, next to that is a photo of young children. The juxtaposition of the two looks as tho' he's leering down at them. The voice over discusses his desire to teach sex to children. In reality, he had sponsored a bill to protect children from sexual predators by teaching them simple questions to ask strangers. Hells bells, I worked for a radio station in the early 90's that sponsored predator protection programs all over San Diego County aimed at elementary school children, K-6. It was co-sponsored by the San Diego Sheriff's Dept, Police Dept and Fire Dept. I used the techniques with my children. It had wonderfully simple ways to help your child when confronted by a stranger. My sons, now 20 & 21, remember those techniques to this day and I've no doubt they'll teach them to their own children.

My point is these lies are costing Obama votes. Why? People accept them at face value. People want to believe the worst. This is why tabloids flourish. My question is, when is the Obama/Biden camp going to combat these lies with their own pointed ads? They want to take the high road, I know. But the Republicans never do and this is no time to play nice.

Consider the fact that John McCain is now stooping to the very tactics used against him by "W" during the 2000 election. Consider the fact he is working with a Karl Rove alum for strategy. that is enough to give everyone pause...unless of course you approve of lies, subterfuge, no first amendment protection and the end always justifies the means.

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