Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cupcakes, Valentines and Commerce

I'm hoping to sign a new client and I'm very excited.  Why?  Look at the product!


I went in to get a cupcake.  We started talking.   I was in sweats, headed to the gym.  They sold me a lemon curd topped lemon cake cupcake.  I started eating.  I gave them my card.  I sell local television advertising.  They thought it was funny I was eating a cupcake before  hitting the gym.  Next thing you know, we are talking air time and visuals for their brand new business.  

I ordered their Valentine's Day special:

I'm going to surprise my husband, son & MIL with these.

They make cakes too.  This is a little dog on a John Deere tractor.  


And a very cool spider cake.

I wonder who will end up spending the most money with whom?


Brian Miller said...

ha. love the dog on the son loves tractors so that is right up his alley. congrats on the potential client!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

eating a cupcake before the gym seems to make perfect sense to me!!

that last cake is a hoot!

happy valentines!!

Baino said...

That's so cool. I'm actually baking cup cakes today. Not for any particular reason but I love the ones with whipped ganache on the top . . .Congratulations on the new client (hey, stop giving them free advertising . . they should be paying for such international exposure!)

Tanna said...

Consider it a symbiotic relationship! LOL! I LOVE the idea of eating the cupcake on the way to the gym! Congrats to you both for new clients! Do they mail????

Unknown said...

That sounds like a dangerous liaison to me! Good thing I'm not in adverstising! I love how the frosting is conical on the cupcakes and the flavors sound devine!

Coffee Messiah said...

Lemon curd, yum ; )

Spider cake is too cool!


Marguerite said...

Congrats on the contract! I just gained 5 pounds reading this post! The chocolate cupcakes filled with coconut, caramel sound divine! Happy Valentine's Day!

California Girl said...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

This particular shop is called White Mountain Cupcakery. They really do a nice job. I picked up my box of Valentine cupcakes today and everyone chose one and we cut them in half and shared. Flavors were strawberry ganache & fresh strawberry on chocolate cake, carmel with chocolate ganache & chocolate cake, chocolate & coconut w/ chocolate & coconut ganache, & a double Devil's Food chocolate chocolate. Very rich.

Nancy said...

Very cool cakes! Good luck with the contract. (Now I am craving a cupcake...)

(word verification: nestle)

Unknown said...

You inspired me to make cupcakes yesterday for the grandkids who were all here!