Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reader Updates on Google and Blogger

Just signed up for Theme Thursday. I am committing. Now I have to think of something about eggs. Cooking comes to mind.

I am, right now, watching The Simpsons and laughing...after all these years, still funny. Hard to believe they've been on the air twenty years. I think.

I spent the entire time on my computer today trying to fix the problem I have with this blog on the Reader. I just cannot figure out what I've done incorrectly. This blog doesn't update; doesn't even show up. If you FOLLOW, you get bupkis in the Google Reader and the Blogger Reader. But I do not know why. My other blog, updates regularly. And something changed on that score in the past two weeks but unfortunately I do not know what.

If anyone out there has experienced and solved this, please let me know. Thanks!


DawnTreader said...

CG, not sure this is relevant, but I noticed lately that in my own list of followers (the one I see on my blog), your profile picture -which I used to see there - has also been replaced by an anonymous shadow (no name comes up when I point at it; however when I click it, links to your blogs show up, so that's how I know it's still you...)

I understand your frustration about the blog not showing, it's really annoying when you can't find out what is causing it. Hope someone can offer some more helpful advice (instead of just adding "complaints"!)

California Girl said...

You know, I wondered why my icon or whatever they are called was no longer showing on blogs I follow. I'M GOING CRAZY! I think the more I screw with all this the worse it gets. Thanks for the heads up.

DawnTreader said...

Hi again, just thought I'd bring some good news for a change: Today your Empty Nest posts are showing up on my dashboard list! :)

California Girl said...

Hi DT: Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, I decided to sit with blank paper (word doc) and write down every change I made on Feedburner and in my Settings and compare the changes between my two blogs. I wish I could tell you what I did to cause them to pop up. I believe it has something to do with the feed url on feedburner coordinating with one of the settings in the Blogger layout but am not totally sure. I also went into Google Webmaster & created Sitemaps for both but I don't know if THAT had anything to do with anything.

Why don't they make this stuff easy?