Monday, February 18, 2008


The boys called today. One of them wants money; the other, reassurance. Actually, they both want reassurance. One wants to know it's okay to ask for the money as he is working hard in school and hasn't quite landed a job yet. The other is working in a parking lot at his brother's college and taking the semester off. He's figuring out what to do next and needs to know it isn't unusual to be confused, scared and homesick. What my husband and I cannot convey is how picking a direction and starting down the path is the only way to find out. We tell them that, of course but, until you are taking chances and making your own mistakes, it's pretty hard to accept and believe the advice. Hell, my husband and I are in our mid-fifties and we're trying to figure out our next step. We don't know what direction to take either. It's an adventure, I know. I say that all the time to the boys. I just wish I could take my own advice to heart.

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