Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama The Musical (thank you Gilbert & Sullivan)

Enjoyed this new post on Ad Broad and she'd posted this under the title, "If only real political ads were this engaging".   Too good not to re-post.  



Rosaria Williams said...

This was fun!

Brian Miller said...


Matty said...


ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.G.,
That was very amusing, but if the truth be told and I was given the chance to be the first female president...Believe me I would have by passed that opportunity...Because that would have been wayyyy too much "baggage" to inherit.

I'am not a registrar Democrat nor Republican, but I'am just voicing my opinion about the turn this country took for eight years and now, some Americans not all expect an overnight
(Even if McCain/Palin, won my feeling or thoughts would be the same.)
Go Figure!
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

North County Film Club said...

I love it and I love Obama, too. I don't think anyone could be doing any better considering the problems. Not that I'm completely happy with everything. At least we know his heart's in the right place.
P.s. Are you going to the "Rally for Sanity? We are.
Barbara and Nancy

California Girl said...

Dee Dee & Barbara: I sure as shit wouldn't want to be President nor do I feel qualified to "fix" things. I still want to believe there are politicians with altruistic motivation. It's getting harder and harder, isn't it?

Barb & Nancy: you are SO LUCKY!!!
I wish I was going. I really think it's going to be a wonderful experience as long as there are plenty of portapotties. Stewart says they are going to air it live on Comedy Central so I'll content myself with that. Have a wonderful time.

Ruth said...

LOVE this!

California Girl said...

Ruth, I watched it twice & will probably again. btw, the photo of you and your friend Inge is a nice one.

Mrs4444 said...

That was brilliant! :)